Mariner’s Contest!

To celebrate Mariner’s Opening Day and the start of baseball season I’m doing a giveaway/contest. I will select two winners who can choose from:

1. A pair of Terrace Level tickets (some restrictions apply); or
2. $50 Starbucks gift card.

Want to play? Here’s how:

Simply leave a comment below about your favorite thing about baseball season between now and Opening Day, April 6th, at noon (PST). Whether it’s a favorite baseball moment, favorite player or whiskers on kittens—I want to hear about it! One entry per person please.

On April 6th, I will draw a name from a hat to pick the two winners. Good luck!

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26 responses to “Mariner’s Contest!”

  1. Denise Perkins says:

    My favorite is sitting in the sunshine watching the game with a cold beer and peanuts!!  (I may not go to a game until after July 4!)

  2. Melissa Nystul says:

    Yankees Baseball

  3. Mendi says:

    I love the warm, long afternoons, and getting in to restaurants easily on game days. 

  4. Mickey Kutoff says:

    First I love baseball as it means the end of my busy season at work so therefore more time to spend with family and friends. Add to that that I am a baseball nut and was a little league coach for years and it's a pretty awesome time of year.  Passed it on to my son who now coaches at the high school level.  Finally enjoy planning baseball trips with my friend to see various baseball parks, cities, and teams around the USA!

  5. Melissa Rizzs says:

    There's never a bad day of baseball! Love the food, the beer, the cheering, and excitement!

  6. Shawn Hanson says:

    I became a baseball fan later in life because my then six year old boy LOVED everything about baseball. He wanted to play more than anything on a "real" baseball team.  Unfortunately, I didn't know about timing of baseball sign ups or the fact that you had to sign up in your neighborhood league and you couldn't sign up where the child went to school.  Long story short, I didn't get him signed up in the right league on time so there was no more room for him on a team that spring.  It was so sad and I felt like such a failure!  It was tough to hear of his friends talking about going to their practices and games.  What we did do that year is we went to a Mariners game!  He was thrilled to actually be at Safeco to see a game.  He had watched games on TV but never at Safeco.  At six years old he sat through the whole game, thoroughly engaged.  I think we went to a total of six games that year and it almost made up for my failure as a mom in not getting him signed up in time (that never happened again!).  My son and I are now both total fans of the Seattle Mariners — through good years and bad!  Every time I go to Safeco Field it takes me back to when my six year old first experienced the thrill of live baseball. I am sure that will be a memory I carry for life.

  7. John Parks says:

    Mariner baseball is a great way to pass time while we wait for the NFL and the Seahawks!

  8. Anne Forsythe says:

    Baseball is romantic.  Your heart will swoon over a game-winning home run.  Your heart will break when Sid Bream crosses the plate and the Braves instead of the Pirates move on in the post-season.  Your Bucs don't win again for 20+ years but like any star-crossed lover you hang in there and hope.  Every good love story has a triangular story line.  You move to Seattle the year the Mariners win a Major League record 116 games.  While you have one eye on the Bucs you can't take the other one off of Ichiro who's pacing a hole in the turf in right field and racking up hits.  Your old love is struggling and looking worse for the wear while your new love slowly lures you into their Safe(co) Field. Baseball 2014 brings you to your tipping point as both of your loves flirt with the post-season.  In the off-season you listen to all the experts and read a Buster Olney tweet predicting that the Pirates and the Mariners will be in the World Series.  You daydream about the tough choice between loves that might confront you in October.  Until then, you will continue following and loving two teams equally and see if one can ultimately and totally win your heart.  Baseball season is the next chapter of a life-long love story.

  9. Kandi Dodrill says:

    My favorite thing is sitting in the sun and enjoying the game.

  10. Dana Wollpert says:

    I love Ithat the Mariners have Italian day!

  11. Nick Sooy says:

    Love that it is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. My favorite moment was "Edgars Double" back in 1995 in the kingdome which advanced us further in the playoffs. Seeing Griffey smile at the bottom of the pile was priceless. Beating the Yankees was not bad either. What made it even more enjoyable was that the friend I was with and I turned 21 earlier that year so we were able to hit pioneer square after and thouroughly enjoy ourselves and the celebration!!

  12. Kathleen Callahan says:

    My favorite things about baseball: The die-hard fans, the math- seriously all of the stats (aka Money Ball) that go into the game and the making of a great team and a comeback season, the only sport left where attending a major league game with the fam will not result in bankruptcy, the rivalries 😛  with a Patriots/Red Sox husband we always have fun jabbing the other team, the rituals- for the fans in the stands and the players, the sounds – the crack of the bat, the slide, the ump calling an out, the good naturing jeering of "hey batter batter" from the peanut gallery, the vendors with their "hot dogs! get your hot dogs!",  too many sounds to enumerate…

  13. Sandy Taylor says:

    It's a very promising year to be a fan!!  We have a beautiful stadium, great manager and talented players!  Go Mariners!

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