Uncategorized January 14, 2015

Honored to Receive This Detailed Review

Received a great review from a client today. Made my day! She captures items that I work hard to achieve. (And, I know this took some time to write, which I also appreciate).


~~I found Sandi's contact information via Yelp initially, as well as 3 other realtors based in Bellevue/Kirkland area, back in Fall 2013. I went to meet each of them individually for a chat, and actually like all of the realtors I met on a personal level. But there are several reasons that lead me to work with Sandi. During our first meetup, I find her very candid, approachable, and super organized. At that meeting, she was also nice enough to provide me a binder with helpful information, take the time out to explain the mumbo-jumbo about home purchase, and make the seemingly complicated subject matter as simple as possible for a first-time home buyer like me. Secondly, Sandi trusts her client in a working relationship. This is fairly important to me as I prefer not to sign any paperwork if unnecessary – which increasingly realtors appear to request for. To me, trust and commitment should be a two-way street and I appreciate this coming from Sandi. One could also say I have been with Sandi long enough to comment on her working style. As I am somewhat picky about the home I want, it took me quite a while to find and close on my home – all in all, slightly over a year after I begin my home search proper. When looking at various homes on the market, Sandi will offer her frank, analytical opinion about it, but ultimately, leave the decision of go/no-go (in terms of making an offer) to the buyer. This is exactly what I am seeking for in a realtor, and I am glad I got it from Sandi. Throughout the lengthy process, Sandi has also been unfailingly patient with me, continuing sending me numerous MLS internet listings as potential homes to look at even when I occasionally feel dejected in the competitive housing market. Finally, I would like to give a shoutout to Sandi for the excellent advice/tips she offers me for consideration to help make my offer attractive, her formidable negotiating skills in turning the tide in difficult situations under purchase contract, and most importantly, her kindness in continuing to help me with random home issues post-close. I am very grateful to have Sandi as the guiding beacon in my first home purchase, and know I will go back to her for any real estate transaction matter in a heartbeat.