Market Advice April 13, 2021

Eastside Market Update March 2021

We finally have enough time/data for the stats to accurately reflect our extreme Seller’s Market. Let’s start with the insanely low 0.2 months of inventory, I believe that is a record low and clearly represents the market’s craziness. I usually dismiss the appreciation number, as it’s tricky to measure, but the 30% year-over-year appreciation seems spot on, as I would speculate that we have had 15% to 25% appreciation in 2021 alone.


What does this mean for you? If you are a homeowner thinking of selling, now is the time. If you are a homeowner thinking of a move-up buy, it’s a good time, you just need a smart, strategic plan. If you are a homeowner wanting to keep your home, keep an eye on capital gains. If you are a buyer, stay strong and work with a broker who is dialed-in and a good negotiator. Please contact me if you want to discuss further.