Video Blogs Weekly Update – November 2nd This week’s update covers our new standing desks, Federal rate hikes, and mid-term election uncertainty.
Video Blogs Weekly Update – October 27th I’m just back from vacation, ordering to be on the “Money Hour” to discuss stats (yay!), and am hoping you all have a great Halloween!!
Economy April Stats Video The market is slowing. Since last month, inventory has increased 133%, but at 0.7 months of inventory we are well within a Sellers’ Market, which is anything below 2 months. Revisiting the driving analogy, we were going 200 miles per hour, which is stupid fast and not sustainable, now we are going 90 mph which […]
Video Blogs Weekly Update – May 4th
Video Blogs March Statistics Video When reviewing the stats, I kept saying ‘wow’ at every data point. While I’m not surprised, as the data validates what I was seeing in the trenches, but it’s still jaw-dropping to actually see the numbers. Median sold price $1.7M, wow; 94% of the homes selling in 2 weeks, wow; and 87% of the homes selling […]
Video Blogs February Stats Update We continue to remain in a very strong sellers’ market. That said, months of inventory jumped up 50%, but that is from an extremely low 0.2 months to a still-very-low 0.3 months—just having a little fun with creating what the media might use as a shocking, and misleading, headline. The jaw-dropping number for this month […]
Video Blogs January Stats Video Inventory remains at the same, jaw-droppingly-low level as last month—0.2 months/6 days of inventory. The back-to-back months of record-low inventory resulted in 75% of the homes selling a whopping 15% above asking price (based on median). Usually December is a sleepy month, not this year. It will be interesting to see what the 1st quarter […]
Video Blogs December Stats Inventory dipped to a jaw-dropping 6 days (0.2 months). Buyer demand has been unseasonably high and there simply aren’t enough homes for sale. For the homes that sold quickly, about two-thirds of the listings, they sold 14% over asking price. This is a jump from the previous months which were 11% and 12% range. Bottom […]
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